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Contributor Spotlight: Meet Susan W

Susan W. is one of our newest contributors, and is already publishing some AWESOME local content! This busy mama has taken the time to tell us all about her #momlife . . . Kid situation?: One super-fun and strong-willed almost-three-year-old. Job situation?: I spend half of my time working as the Tobacco Health Communications Team Lead at Jefferson […]

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The Role of Alternative Medicine in Pregnancy

I am often asked by friends, family, and my own patients about the apparent tension between “traditional, western” obstetrics and other more alternative or integrative systems surrounding prenatal care (i.e. homeopathic therapies, as opposed to prescription medications, strict hospital protocols for laboring and delivering, etc).  I welcome these questions because I believe that there can […]

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When The Baby Weight Won't Go Away | Denver Metro Moms Blog

When the Baby Weight Won’t Go Away

Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by Dr. Snyder. That said, are you struggling with baby weight that won’t go away?  Bringing a new life into this world is a physically and emotionally arduous journey. After carrying a child for nine months, the body undergoes significant changes that often times last beyond the term of a pregnancy. One […]

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Pregnancy and Exercise: What Can You Do?

Pregnancy and Exercise: What Can You Do?

We’ve got the answers on your most common pregnancy and exercise questions from OB/GYN, Dr. Jeremiah McNamara! One common concern I hear from moms-to-be is whether or not they can exercise during pregnancy. There is a tremendous body of scientific evidence that shows women who stay active and maintain a healthy weight during their pregnancy can dramatically decrease their […]

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Pelvic Floor Health During Pregnancy | Denver Metro Moms Blog

6 Tips to Promote Pelvic Floor Health During Pregnancy

You make a variety of healthy decisions each day to take care of your body and mind during pregnancy. From prenatal supplements, nutrition choices and ample rest, these thoughtful actions build toward a safe delivery and healthy mom and baby. Perhaps a lesser-known health precaution to take during pregnancy is strengthening the pelvic floor, the muscles, ligaments and tissues […]

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Top Secret Confessions | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Top Secret Mom Confessions

We all have them, those things we’ve done or do that maybe don’t make up our proudest moments. Ice cream as toilet training bribes, reminding the kiddos that Santa sees EVERYTHING, changing the clocks to put the little ones to bed earlier, tricks to get your significant other to take over diaper duty– sound familiar??? […]

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8 Unusual Playgrounds in Denver | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Eight Unusual Denver Metro Playgrounds

The greater Denver area is blessed with over 600 public playgrounds, exciting and mundane, big and small, old and new. Finding unique play areas with unusual features required visiting each playground at least once, a project I completed in early 2015. Here are eight of my favorite play areas that stand out from the rest. You may have […]

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Is Your Child Off Limits? {Child Sexual Abuse Prevention}

This is a guest post from Feather Berkower, LCSW. Feather leads the workshop which inspired the Why We Don’t Keep Secrets in Our House post.   Let’s say your child has peanut allergies. Would you ever send him or her to school without first talking with the teacher about the allergies and inviting the teacher onto your child’s […]

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12 Days of Giveaways:: ASPIRE Natural Sports Drinks

Fun Facts: Children love sports drinks. Sports drinks taste delicious. Sports drinks are supposed to make you run faster, jump higher, perform better, Not Fun Facts: The average sports drink contains over 80 calories and 21 grams of sugar per 12 oz serving. The average sports drink also contains artificial colors, flavors, sodium, chemicals, preservatives, and sweeteners. […]

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12 Days of Giveaways:: Handcrafted Wooden Helicopter

Who doesn’t want their children playing with high quality, handmade, wooden toys – especially when those beautiful toys come from a local business? Erin and Aaron are the husband and wife behind A Summer Afternoon, and they specialize in making wooden cars, rattles, teethers, blocks, developmental, Waldorf and Montessori toys. Their wooden toys are handcrafted […]

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Plexus Slim

12 Days of Giveaways:: Plexus Slim

Local mom, Alison Rieke is an avid skier and self-proclaimed fitness fanatic.  Yoga, weights, cardio, group classes, kettle bells, spin, barre. You name it, she has probably tried it.  After her second baby was born, Alison set herself on a regimen of exercise and healthy eating – with the goal of getting healthy and strong. Five months […]

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