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Let's All Be Cheerleaders

Let’s All Be Cheerleaders

Something I’m hearing a lot about nowadays is this gross trend of mom-shaming or mom-judging. You know – someone [most often a complete stranger] says something to you about your parenting, obviously convinced they are doing you/your kid/the world a HUGE service, which makes you feel like a garbage person in the process. Most of the […]

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Raising Kids with Good Taste

Possible unpopular opinion alert: entertainment for kids today – music, movies, even some books – well, it’s terrible. A little. Right? I mean sure – good, new stuff does exist. I have no objection to that. But I do take objection with the some of the stuff that typically becomes overly popular among youths. Things like… all the music […]

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Get Your Kids a Puppy, Or Don’t (I Did)

Get a puppy, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. They weren’t wrong, necessarily. That just isn’t the whole truth. The whole truth would’ve included sentiments such as: It’ll be hard. It’ll be frustrating. It’ll be awesome and horrible in the same 5-minute span. That’s what they would have said, had they not just wanted to play with a […]

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In Defense of the Burbs | Denver Metro Moms Blog

In Defense of the Burbs

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love living in the burbs. I was a hater, at first. When we started looking for a house, we had been married for 6 months, and I was just barely acclimating to life as wife and parent. I had been living the single life for awhile, living solo in […]

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I'm a Real Mom (3)

I’m a Real Mom

I wrote before that Step Is Not a Dirty Word. As a stepmom who grew up with the same Cinderella connotations as the rest of you, I remind myself of this often. I am one thousand percent confident of my position in my daughter’s life, as her parent. Differentiating me as a stepmom is, some days, nothing more than a […]

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