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When Perfect Isn't Possible | Denver Metro moms Blog

When Perfect Isn’t Possible.

One of my great friends recently told me that she didn’t think I was laid back. “Meaning,” she explained, “you are always on top of everything, put together, and involved in things like volunteering at the kids preschool – you know, you just aren’t that laid back!” Have you ever heard opinions people have of […]

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Surviving the Newborn Dark Days | DMMB

Surviving the Newborn Dark Days

Today my third child turned 6-weeks-old. I’ve absolutely loved the first few weeks with each of my babies, it is such a special, sweet time; however, in the middle of all the love, there can sometimes be an unexplained sadness. Those early days, especially those first few weeks at home when you are trying to […]

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Women resting her head on her arms

November’s Eve Resolution: Avoid the Post-Holiday Letdown

Well, the holidays are approaching — No! No! Don’t run! It’s okay. I’m just here to talk. Sit down. Stop shaking. We’re going to be okay. Here’s a paper bag. Breathe deeply. Breathe. Believe me, I know from experience how all the holiday stress followed by post-holiday letdown makes you wonder if the season is […]

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A boy in tears

How Bullying Affects Us All

I thought our son was relatively safe from the whole bullying experience, and I was surprised that when my friend asked him how he liked middle school, he replied, without hesitation, “There aren’t any bullies.” I hadn’t realized that bullying was such a prioritized concern for him. I admit that I was worried about bullying […]

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