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Beneficial Baby Activities 6 - 12 Months | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Beneficial Baby Activities: 6-12 Months Old

Hey there, pro! You’re entering the second half of your baby’s first year and I bet you feel like you’ve been at this for years already (and also, that your little one was only born yesterday…how does time do that?!). Most experts will define the newborn stage as the first three months, but I am […]

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New Baby Items Collage

Top 10 ‘Must Haves’ for New Baby

Registry lists are great for essentials, but no matter how much research you do, it’s hard to know exactly what you will need. I never dreamed that a 6 pound human would need so much ‘stuff.’ Here are my top 10 items that I could not live without, the first 3 months. 1. Boppy Newborn […]

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Grieving Child

Grieving Kids:: How to help your child through a death loss experience

No one wants to tell their kids that a special person in their life has died or is dying. Children live in a world of fantasy and imagination and that’s where we’d love for them to stay. If only it were that easy. If only we weren’t required to pull them back into the realities […]

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Top Denver Labor & Delivery Hospitals | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Denver Labor and Delivery Hospitals… {you should know about}

Choosing a labor and delivery hospital can be a very daunting task. As a new mom, I did not know exactly what to look for, and all the different options were a little overwhelming! In the Denver Metro Area, we are so lucky to have tons of amazing hospitals- from small to big, and even with many […]

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Why I Leave My Kids | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Why I Leave My Kids.

I left my first child, off and on much of the weekend, for the first time when he was 6-weeks old. I left my second child for up-to 5-6 hours at a time to go to NFL games with my husband when he was just 2-months old. My point here is: I leave my children. […]

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