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Bribing as a Parenting Tool (aka: Sanity Saver)

I believe in bribing as an effective parenting tool. Yep, I said it. You may be more comfortable with the word “incentive” and that’s fine. Same approach. Same effect. I sometimes bribe my kids. Well, really just my 3-year-old. My 1-year-old isn’t quite in the phase of fiercely exerting his independence, thrusting me into toddler […]

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Meet Susan W | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Contributor Spotlight: Meet Susan W

Susan W. is one of our newest contributors, and is already publishing some AWESOME local content! This busy mama has taken the time to tell us all about her #momlife . . . Kid situation?: One super-fun and strong-willed almost-three-year-old. Job situation?: I spend half of my time working as the Tobacco Health Communications Team Lead at Jefferson […]

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10 Things to Do {For Yourself} Before Baby Arrives

“Do something nice for yourself.” Sometimes I brush it off and sometimes I actually do it, but in the months leading up to your due date, this is so important! Pre-baby, we are inundated with lists of things to do before their arrival. Getting the nursery ready, packing your hospital bag, taking birthing classes, installing […]

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Written by a Mama | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Written by a Mama

I can thank my mom for passing down the love of reading to me. She had us at the library since before I can remember and my early years are filled with memories of my favorite books. When the Internet came around (that makes me sound old) it was like someone handed me a vast amount of […]

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