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Gymboree Play & Music Denver | DMMB

Meltdown-free Fun at Gymboree Play & Music

The DMMB Team is SO thankful for the fun and learning we’ve been fortunate enough to have with our sponsors at Gymboree Play & Music Denver!  When we have time to spend a “Mom’s Morning In” or send our honeys out on a “Daddy Date” with the kiddos, the most challenging thing can be deciding […]

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Traveling for Two | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Traveling for Two: Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

The holiday season is a time for families to get together and celebrate; many of my OB patients find themselves traveling during this season and wonder about the possible effects this will have on their pregnancy.  While I always encourage them enjoy their time with loved ones, there are a few things to keep in […]

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Digestive Discomfort: The Other Side of Pregnancy

Digestive Discomfort: The Other Side of Pregnancy

Every woman wants an easy pregnancy, but for most women, pregnancy can come with a variety of uncomfortable side effects due to the biological changes occurring inside the body. Fortunately, for every digestive issue that comes with pregnancy, there are remedies. More Than Just “Morning Sickness” Pop culture has made “morning sickness” part of how […]

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Relax, Leave the Cleaning to the Professionals

This post is sponsored by CottageCare Cleaners.  That being said, stop what you’re doing (because you’re probably vacuuming with one hand while scanning this article on your smart phone with the other) and make a change!  Choose to do something for yourself and call CottageCare Cleaners. Here’s what I love about them: They’re eco friendly. […]

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The Role of Alternative Medicine in Pregnancy

I am often asked by friends, family, and my own patients about the apparent tension between “traditional, western” obstetrics and other more alternative or integrative systems surrounding prenatal care (i.e. homeopathic therapies, as opposed to prescription medications, strict hospital protocols for laboring and delivering, etc).  I welcome these questions because I believe that there can […]

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When The Baby Weight Won't Go Away | Denver Metro Moms Blog

When the Baby Weight Won’t Go Away

Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by Dr. Snyder. That said, are you struggling with baby weight that won’t go away?  Bringing a new life into this world is a physically and emotionally arduous journey. After carrying a child for nine months, the body undergoes significant changes that often times last beyond the term of a pregnancy. One […]

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Snow Mountain Ranch:: Wild West High Altitude Family Fun | DMMB

Snow Mountain Ranch:: Where the Wild West Meets High Altitude Family Fun

Recently, our family had the opportunity to spend three days at Snow Mountain Ranch, a YMCA of the Rockies property, nestled in the beautiful mountains near Winter Park, CO. Their website reads,    Adventure. Tranquility. And everything in between. And we found that statement to be absolutely true. At check-in, we were welcomed by a friendly […]

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Rediscovering Adventure Through the Eyes of Your Child | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Rediscover Adventure Through the Eyes of Your Child {Sponsored}

Once upon a time, if someone had mentioned the word “adventure,” plans for heli-skiing in British Columbia, backpacking the Colorado Trail, climbing fourteeners, or paddling class V rapids may have filled your mind. Or maybe not – perhaps you simply dreamt of that kind of adventure. And now that you have taken on the role […]

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Mid adult woman feeding juice to her son

Amwell:: A Doctor at Your Fingertips

Denver Metro Moms Blog has partnered with Amwell for this sponsored post My toddler doesn’t schedule his sick days. He doesn’t check my work schedule, put in a request for time off, and plan his fever, runny nose, and suspicious rashes around anyone’s needs. Too many mornings, my family has woken up to a list of unexplained symptoms […]

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