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B Session: Parenting Tasks I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anymore, Part II

In late 2015, I wrote about all of the parenting tasks I didn’t feel like doing anymore. Well it’s been 18 months or so, and guess what, I don’t have to do some of them anymore! Isn’t that the magic of childhood? Of parenthood really? Kids grow up, and suddenly they can be trusted to eat […]

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Potty Training: 3 Day Method | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Potty training: 3 day method

I thought lack of sleep was the most difficult thing to experience as a mother. Then the day hit when we decided to potty train. Never, never, NEVER in my wildest imagination did I think a small two-year-old could send me into a place of gritting my teeth and wanting to pull out my hair. […]

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Must Haves for Toilet Training | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Must Haves Before You Begin Toilet Learning

When attempting to master a new task or skill, preparation is key. This is true for adults and children alike. Toilet training can seem to be an overwhelming challenge; a challenge that parents often approach with fear, dread, and lots of uncertainty. You wonder if you are prepared for the accidents, negotiations, laundry; you wonder if your child […]

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