Boulder Area Parks to Explore

I love going to playgrounds with my daughter to spend quality time outside. Now that she is getting more independent on the playground structures, it’s really fun to see her let loose at the park. When I first moved to Boulder, I had no idea where to go, so I desperately searched the internet for Boulder area parks – hoping for some great ideas. After being here for a little over a year, I compiled a list of some of our favorite area parks for other moms, desperate for similar information:

North Boulder ParkBoulder Area Parks to Explore | DMMB

This is, hands down, one of my favorite playgrounds. There are two different main structures for kids to play on and plenty of swings. My daughter can easily navigate the smaller structure with no help from me. The view of the mountains is also really nice, although I could say that about almost all of the parks in the Boulder area. There’s a nice large field around the park, which means there’s lots of room for running around and picnic dates. The only thing I don’t like about this park is the fitness equipment that’s geared towards adults. Inevitably children like to play on these structures and for a smaller child it can be slightly dangerous, but that’s my only complaint about this Boulder area park.

Eben G. Fine ParkBoulder Area Parks to Explore | DMMB

The best thing about #2 on my list of Boulder area parks is the shade. The Colorado sun is no joke so being able to go to a park comfortably in the middle of the day is a plus. The main play structure is easy for my daughter to navigate on her own. One of the slides is super steep though. My daughter likes to slide down the less steep slide. An added bonus to this park is that it’s next to Boulder creek. When it’s nice outside, you can take your kids to the creek to dip their toes in or if you’re feeling adventurous, float down the creek in an inner tube. There is a nice path where people enjoy biking and running, as well.

Scott Carpenter ParkBoulder Area Parks to Explore | DMMB

If you’ve been to Boulder, chances are you’ve seen this playground with its iconic spaceship structure. This is a really popular Boulder park. My daughter is still a little small for the spaceship structure, but she finds plenty of things to do here. The biggest downside is the lack of shade.



East Boulder Community ParkBoulder Area Parks to Explore | DMMB

When someone first told me about this park, they called it the dinosaur park, because there’s a huge dinosaur in the middle of the playground. From the playhouse to the unique roller slide, there are lots of easy to navigate structures at this park. My daughter will be 3 soon, so I always consider whether or not she can navigate the structures independently. This one is just the right size and is interesting enough to entertain a wide range of ages.

Memory Square ParkBoulder Area Parks to Explore | DMMB

The only non Boulder park on the list, this one is located in Louisville. We love this park because of the shade and the fun structures. There is a swinging bench that’s fun to sit on, and the sandbox is a nice attraction, as well. There is something really cozy about this park that I love, and its central location close to downtown Louisville makes it a great spot to hang out.


We know there are many more parks out there for us to explore. Please let us know some of your favorite Boulder area parks in the comment section!

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