Mother’s Day Gift Guide: COLORADO EDITION

Mother’s Day is coming up right around the corner, which means if you haven’t yet, you should run (not walk!) to get your gifts as soon as humanly possible. After all, what is more important that celebrating the human who birthed you?! Who gave you and sustained your life! Who is the reason for all existence!

Sure, I may have gotten a little carried away there for a minute, but seriously! Moms are pretty much the best things on the planet and having just one measly day a year set aside to celebrate them is NO WHERE NEAR sufficient enough! So, you better make the gifting good.

This year, keep it local when you’re shopping for gifts to celebrate the mamas in your lives! Here’s a special ‘Colorado Edition’ gift guide for the most important holiday to ever grace the pages of a calendar:

Because she is a gem and a treasure, just like this necklace:

minty corgan designs

Because she deserves to be pampered after holding up the world all day:

live beautifully

Because you want her to be reminded of how much you love her:


Because “what is done in love is done well“:

first snowfall

Because even if she’s far away, love will always follow:

counter couture

Because you will always be her baby:

Gem Blue

Here’s to celebrating our caretakers, our rocks, our biggest fans, our reason for being who we are–our mothers.

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