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Meet Kristina N | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Contributor Spotlight: Meet Kristina N!

Kristina N gives us the scoop on her #momlife and her previous life as an otter! Kid Situation: “Proud mama to a darling 2 year old girl” Hometown: “Boston, MA/Dallas, TX. I have been in Boulder for 8 months and lived in Denver for a total of 3 years before.” Job Situation: “I’m a currently a stay at […]

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Gymboree Play & Music Denver | DMMB

Meltdown-free Fun at Gymboree Play & Music

The DMMB Team is SO thankful for the fun and learning we’ve been fortunate enough to have with our sponsors at Gymboree Play & Music Denver!  When we have time to spend a “Mom’s Morning In” or send our honeys out on a “Daddy Date” with the kiddos, the most challenging thing can be deciding […]

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Which Birth Control Is Right For You? | Denver Metro Moms Blog

What Birth Control Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right birth control can sometimes be overwhelming and frustrating. With so many options and perceived notions, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. While there are many types, the one I suggest to all patients is condemns. While these are not a full proof method, they are a […]

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Contributor Spotlight: Meet Dani | DMMB

Contributor Spotlight: Meet Dani

Dani N. is an amazing new DMMB contributor and she is already publishing some AWESOME content! This busy, outspoken, fun, foodie mama has taken the time to tell us all about her #momlife . . . Kid situation?: One super-fun, awesome, little, (almost) 2 year old. Job situation?: SAHM, Floral Designer, Therapist (retired for now) Native? Or “Not […]

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Concussions: Keeping Your Child’s Head (Protected) In the Game | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Concussions: Keeping Your Child’s Head in the Game (& Protected!)

If your child has suffered a head injury on the field or at the playground, you can take an active role in getting them the proper medical care. We have learned more about how head injuries can affect young athletes and you can both support your children’s recreational activities and protect their health. Organizations are […]

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Traveling for Two | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Traveling for Two: Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

The holiday season is a time for families to get together and celebrate; many of my OB patients find themselves traveling during this season and wonder about the possible effects this will have on their pregnancy.  While I always encourage them enjoy their time with loved ones, there are a few things to keep in […]

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#shopDENVER2015 Locally Sourced Holiday Gift Guide | DMMB

#shopDENVER2015: A Locally Sourced Holiday Gift Guide

At Denver Metro Moms Blog, we’re passionate about connecting moms to each other and our community. This year, we want to encourage each of you to shop local, support small businesses, and show just how Colorado proud we are! We are honored to be highlighting a few of the Denver Metro Area’s very own! And guess what? YOU have […]

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What You Should Know if Your Child Needs Surgery | Denver Metro Moms Blog

What You Should Know If Your Child Needs Surgery

As a father of three children, I know surgery of any kind can be a scary word for parents. If your child is in need of surgery, understanding your options goes a long way to easing your mind. Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques have made enormous strides from the earliest bulky instruments and limited capabilities and are safe […]

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Digestive Discomfort: The Other Side of Pregnancy

Digestive Discomfort: The Other Side of Pregnancy

Every woman wants an easy pregnancy, but for most women, pregnancy can come with a variety of uncomfortable side effects due to the biological changes occurring inside the body. Fortunately, for every digestive issue that comes with pregnancy, there are remedies. More Than Just “Morning Sickness” Pop culture has made “morning sickness” part of how […]

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Pathways to a Happy Period | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Pathways to a Happy Period: Treating PMS and PMDD

From fatigue to depression, headaches, cramping and bloating, nearly every woman experiences discomfort of some kind before, during and after her menstrual cycle. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphonic Disorder (PMDD) are intense and unfortunate exaggerated responses of menses, but there are numerous approaches to treating the symptoms. By identifying what your body is going […]

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Meet Susan W | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Contributor Spotlight: Meet Susan W

Susan W. is one of our newest contributors, and is already publishing some AWESOME local content! This busy mama has taken the time to tell us all about her #momlife . . . Kid situation?: One super-fun and strong-willed almost-three-year-old. Job situation?: I spend half of my time working as the Tobacco Health Communications Team Lead at Jefferson […]

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