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Meet Contributor Katie S | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Contributor Spotlight:: Meet Katie S

Katie S. let us ask her some up close and personal questions, so you can get to know this awesome contributor! Kid Situation: “Six-month-old twins: William and Amelia ” Hometown: “Chicago, but I’ve been in Denver for 12 years!” Job Situation: “I work in Marketing and PR for a publishing company” When I’m not in “mom mode or writing contributor posts […]

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Contributor Spotlight : Meet Rhonda

Contributor Spotlight:: Meet Rhonda

We’ve got all the details on the #momlife of our contributor, Rhonda W! Get to know this busy SUPER-mom of five {yes, FIVE!}! Kid situation?: FIVE little ones keep me busy: Devin-15, Harley-8, Darrin-5, Harper-2, and Dean 10 months Job situation?: I have a very part-time job at UCHealth. I spend the rest of my time trying to get […]

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Truth Behind Family Photos | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The Truth Behind the Holiday Photo

It’s that time of year again – when we actually revert back to using snail mail to send our loved ones cards to wish them good tidings and peace on earth for the holiday season.  These days, most holiday cards include a beautiful, glossy (or matte), happy, and full-of-smiles photo.  I love getting these cards […]

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Meet Megan: DMMB Contributor Spotlight

Contributor Spotlight: Meet Megan!

Megan G gives us the scoop on her #momlife and her passion for karaoke! Kid Situation: “One lovely step daughter, age 7 going on 16” Hometown: “I’m from Wichita, Kansas, originally, and made a break for the mountains in 2007.” Job Situation: “I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I work full time in the Behavioral Health field.” […]

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Meet Allie | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Contributor Spotlight: Meet Allie R!

Allie let us ask her some up close and personal questions, so you can get to know the woman behind the awesome posts even better! Kid Situation: “Two kiddos: ages three and nine months” Hometown: “Coopersburg, PA, and then Green Bay, Wisconsin {still SO upset about Sunday night’s game :)} .” Job Situation: “I’m a stay at home mom, […]

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Meet Susan W | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Contributor Spotlight: Meet Susan W

Susan W. is one of our newest contributors, and is already publishing some AWESOME local content! This busy mama has taken the time to tell us all about her #momlife . . . Kid situation?: One super-fun and strong-willed almost-three-year-old. Job situation?: I spend half of my time working as the Tobacco Health Communications Team Lead at Jefferson […]

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