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Colorado Shines | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Give your child a strong start with Colorado Shines

Quality Care Matters The early years are very important for a child’s learning and development. Quality early learning programs, including child care and preschool, help children start early and start strong on the path to life-long success. Children who attend quality early learning programs are more likely to do well in school and get along with others, and are […]

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homeschooling moms want you to know

10 Things Homeschool Moms Want You to Know

The world of moms can sometimes be intimidating and scary. Moms have a tendency to judge other moms hence the never ending mommy wars.  Career moms versus stay-at-home moms, breastfeeding moms versus formula feeding moms, vaccinating moms versus non-vaccinating. Can’t we all just get along? Homeschooling can sometimes trend towards being another hot button issue, but […]

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Math Homework Help to the Rescue!

Math Homework Help to the Rescue!

If there is any one force that can reduce an entire family to tears and tantrums, it’s a child’s math homework. We’ve all been there. We all have the scars to prove it. In elementary school, my son was pretty good at math, yet we still suffered some long, painful homework sessions. I had my moments […]

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Last First Day of Kindergarten | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The Last First Day of Kindergarten

“I got this,” I tell myself. Easy. Piece of cake. I’ll send my child off to kindergarten and I won’t shed a tear. With my previous two “first day of Kindergarten drop-offs,” I did not shed a tear until returning to my car and realizing, “Wow,” NO TURNING BACK. This is the next big step […]

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Starting a Preschool Co-op

Last summer around this time, I was wondering what to do for socialization for my toddler son. He wasn’t quite old enough to start preschool, but I wanted him to have more experience being dropped off and taking directions from adults other than yours truly. Enter: playschool. I sent off an email to some local […]

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Must Haves for Toilet Training | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Must Haves Before You Begin Toilet Learning

When attempting to master a new task or skill, preparation is key. This is true for adults and children alike. Toilet training can seem to be an overwhelming challenge; a challenge that parents often approach with fear, dread, and lots of uncertainty. You wonder if you are prepared for the accidents, negotiations, laundry; you wonder if your child […]

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