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Grocery Shopping Isn’t Hard Anymore

Last week, I went to three grocery stores to get food and household items for our four-person family. Three. Grocery shopping took up my whole Saturday morning, and you don’t even want to know how much I spent. Both of our girls have food allergies, which means I do my shopping at specialty grocery stores […]

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Shopping For Seasons

I’ve dared to dream of a life with seasons. I say “dare” because, despite the humidity, many people would give anything to live in my home state of Florida. No snow, endless beaches, and green all year round. There is no denying that Florida lives by its own set of seasonal rules. Under 60 degrees means […]

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Get it together

Get It Together {When it’s all falling apart}

There’s no other way to say it: there are seasons of life that can really suck. I could make you a list of my current struggles (the struggle is real!!) and there are moments when I feel like it’s all falling apart. When life starts to feel overwhelming, how do we keep it all together? […]

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On Being a One-Car Family

For the entire length of our married life so far (7.5 years), we have been a one-car family. It just happened to work that way. We were co-workers for the first few years of marriage, and when we moved to Colorado, we were always close enough to my husband Tim’s school/work (same place) for him […]

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Living in Denver on a Budget

There are a million reasons to love Denver: the mountains, the city, food, brew and coffee scenes, culture, and it’s just a fantastic place to raise a family. There is, however, one thing not to love about Denver when you’re trying to live on a budget—all the fun comes with a hefty price tag. Rising […]

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Saving Money in Denver

Practical Ways to Save Money in Denver

I absolutely love saving money. Sometimes I spend my free time reading finance articles and different blogs about the subject, but one thing I have noticed is that articles sometimes fail to mention feasible ways to save money, instead only focusing on how. So I decided that I would make and share a cheat sheet […]

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Desperate for a Date Night | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Desperate for a Date Night:: Parents’ Night Out

Have the three magical words, Parents’ Night Out, ever filled with you excitement? Upon seeing flyers advertising childcare for “Parents’ Night Out” posted at my daughter’s gymnastics studio and my gym, I was instantly filled with ideas.  We weren’t just being offered a fun, safe place for our daughters to play while we went out; it was being offered at a deeply discounted rate of $15 […]

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