Amour Absolu Shield Studs

Mother’s Day Giveaway :: Amour Absolu

Simple, timeless, elegant, classic, special — these are the words that describe amazing women.  These are also the words that describe the beautiful pieces in the Amour Absolu line. After the birth of her first daughter, local mom and fashion professional Kathryn Giarratano began searching for a piece of jewelry that would symbolize her precious daughter. […]

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Encourage More Praise Less

Encourage More and Praise Less

Let’s encourage our children more and praise a little less. {There is a difference, and it’s important whether you’re raising a toddler or a teen} Everywhere I go, I hear adults say to children “good job!” or “way to go!” for practically everything they do.  We live in a society where trophies, ribbons, gold stars, […]

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How to Discipline that Preschooler of Yours

Yes, that’ s a picture of my daughter’s time out chair. Let’s be honest, the struggle is real. Children are many things all rolled into a wonderful ball of energy. What do you do when that little ball of energy is suddenly screaming like a terrorized child in the middle of Target, that you’re the “Worst […]

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12 Days of Giveaways:: ASPIRE Natural Sports Drinks

Fun Facts: Children love sports drinks. Sports drinks taste delicious. Sports drinks are supposed to make you run faster, jump higher, perform better, Not Fun Facts: The average sports drink contains over 80 calories and 21 grams of sugar per 12 oz serving. The average sports drink also contains artificial colors, flavors, sodium, chemicals, preservatives, and sweeteners. […]

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