When You Don’t Like Your Toddler

When You Don't Like Your Toddler | Denver Metro Moms BlogBefore anyone gets all worked up, I assure you, I love my almost two-year-old toddler so much, I really do. He is cuddly, sweet to his baby sister, and has a fun sense of humor. He is independent, a great sleeper and eater, and has the most beautiful brown eyes you’ve ever seen. He is so stinking cute.

And thank God for that.

Because lately I am on the fast and furious roller coaster ride that is my strong-willed toddler. He can be absolutely infuriating or humiliating; he makes me feel all the feels. One second, I’m gazing into his dark brown eyes and we are happy and laughing, and the next second he takes a turn for the worse; usually after I say no, tell him to do something he doesn’t want to do (like get dressed), or if he is tired. God help me if he’s tired.

Right before my eyes, the toddler transforms into an uncontrollable nightmare.

Taking him out in public with my two other children is nearly impossible. The tantrums are tough, sure, but the safety issues that present themselves are terrifying! I begin to worry that he will dart into oncoming traffic, get lost, or punch me in the face – which is worse? I’m never sure. We are now part of the traveling circus and everyone is staring.

Does this tough toddler not know all I’m trying to do is keep him alive and sanitary and well?!

Trust me kid, I don’t want to change your dirty diaper that weighs more than you do. I’d rather not get kicked and punched in the face while arm wrestling you into your car seat. Your clothes? I don’t really care if you wear them. But this is all for YOUR good, YOUR health, YOUR safety, and if nothing else, for the good of the public. My darling toddler is the combination of the perfect storm: the age (terrible twos), the temperament (strong-will), and the situation (middle child and a new baby… you know where that leads).

I’m on the ride of my life. We have wonderful highs and we have dreadful lows. I have emotional whiplash. The wise moms that came before me tell me that this will pass and that all the traits that are difficult to deal with now will be some of the things I love most about him when he’s older…

In the meantime, fortunately, my wine supply is stocked.

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