How to Make Your Holidays Like ‘Christmas Vacation’


The holidays just aren’t the holidays without a little Christmas Vacation in your life. It’s a classic and my personal, all-time favorite movie. I can seriously quote the thing from beginning to end. Growing up, one of the best presents I ever received on Christmas was the full size movie poster that hung in my room – and I still have

It’s time to have a good, old-fashioned family Christmas, people. Here are some festive ideas to get a little more Christmas Vacation in your life.

Host a Christmas Vacation Themed Party

Instead of an Ugly Sweater party, go Christmas Vacation style! Dress up a REAL Christmas tree and decorate it with lots of lights, ornaments, presents wrapped in newspaper, and a (fake) squirrel, of course. Whip up some green jello and have an assortment of cheese, crackers, and ‘Jelly of the Month Club’ jellies. Drink some spiked eggnog in a moose mug, have a cheap, white elephant gift exchange, and you’ve got yourself the party of the season. Thanks to my friends Brian and Allison, for showing what a true Christmas Vacation party is all about.

loftusSubject your Children to a Ridiculously Funny Photo Shoot

‘Tis the season to be Merry, so why not dress your kids up for some classic photos. Get out the Little Tikes Coupe, strap some evergreen branches on top of it, take a picture of your child(ren) in the car, and you will be the hit of Facebook. Or maybe you will catch your child running around in the snow with nothing but his kiddy bathrobe and trapper hat. You can also find some great Christmas Vacation t-shirts and onesies on Etsy. PS – I know these awesome children, and their awesome parents.


Stock Up on some Quality Memorabilia

While you don’t need a full size movie poster hanging in your home (although I don’t see why not), there are plenty of other Christmas Vacation collectibles out there. No holiday home is complete without moose mugs (for eggnog or wine). Another thing on my wish list, is a Christmas Vacation village. Oh my goodness, that RV. From onesies and t-shirts to coffee mugs and Todd and Margo pillows, this world is full of Christmas Vacation memorabilia, and I need it all.



Walk Around Your Office Randomly Quoting the Movie all of December

Because this is what I do! Then my coworker finds YouTube videos to play. Yeah, we’re bored a lot. This has to be the most quoted Christmas movie of all time.

Test Your Knowledge

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You serious, Clark?

Happy Holidays!


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