My Second Momiversary : A Reflection of the Second Year

My Second Momiversary : A Reflection of the Second Year | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Another year has gone by… WE DID IT AGAIN!

We survived the second year of parenthood, and our son survived a second year of our parenting. Read about our first year here.

When I asked my husband what he thought of year one versus year two, he proceeded to tell me how much harder year two was. EXCUSE ME?! My husband is the perfect example of how ‘dad brain’ really must be a thing. He apparently already forgot the sleepless nights and fussy baby. Just like I’ve forgotten about my traumatic, no-drugs, super-fast delivery. Clearly, both sexes suffer from this.

Year two brought it’s own unique challenges.

This year, we were hospitalized with breathing issues for 2 nights, had our ups and downs with his food allergies and he was diagnosed with ‘reactive airways disease’ (a nice way of saying asthma). But honestly, those are not the things that I remember. This year, I bonded with my baby boy. I mean seriously, is it possible to love these tiny humans anymore?

I spent a lot more time during year two enjoying my child.

Not that I didn’t enjoy him the first year, but the first year was filled with figuring things out. Why is he crying all the time? Why won’t he sleep? What is he allergic to? Why is he gagging on solid foods? Does he have a tongue tie?  The exhausting list goes on, like it does for a lot of new, first-time moms.

But year two… we had FUN! We explored the city and the great outdoors, we discovered new things and new abilities on the daily. We laughed, we cried, we went on lots of mommy/son dates, we became the best of friends. I know this kid so well now. I know that when he’s driving me crazy, all I need to do is get him outside and all is right in the world again. I know that when he’s on the verge of a meltdown, I need to change the scenery, fast. I know what makes him happy, which makes me a happy mom.

It’s hard to believe how much changes in just one year. And I know it’s just going to keep changing, faster than I can remember. All of the milestones that came with year two… eating, walking (which took him 17 months, by the way), dancing, talking. I think my favorite milestone this year was communication. My kid can now (ehhh, most of the time) tell me what he wants instead of screaming and whining about it. What a milestone for parents!!! Seriously, Hallelujah.

And then I look at my baby. Who is not a baby anymore. He’s a little boy.

I could still eat him for breakfast, he’s so cute. He is kind, he is sweet, he is cautious, and he has a little bit of his introvert daddy in him. And he’s a snuggler. I am so thankful for that. Because I’m going to enjoy all of these snuggles while I can.

Year two was so incredibly special, one that I will never forget. This little boy has my whole heart in a way I didn’t know existed. Looking back on this year, I feel a tremendous amount of love, laughter, and happy emotions. His 2nd birthday celebrated another year passing, and another year full of fun, excitement, and lots of learning ahead. Here’s to hoping we make the best of it!

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