Finding Our Big Love in the Small Moments

We have a toddler. 

He travels.

The kitchen is a mess. 

The dog has a vet appointment. 

Laundry needs to be done. 

I am tired.  

The list goes on and on and on.  At times I feel like we can barely manage the small tasks on hand let alone big moments.  Or big holidays like Valentine’s Day.  I mean, seriously, the thought of planning yet another event and ensuring all the details leaves me feeling….. a bit blahhh.  

At the end of the day I do not want a fancy dinner and a present to be the time I show my husband I love him.  I do not want a box of chocolates or even a new bag to be the reminder that my husband loves me.  I want the everyday small moments that make a big impact on my heart. 

Finding Our Big Love in Small Moments | DMMB

 I want more than one day, one month or even a year of love…. I want a whole lifetime.  

I want the tired nights snuggled up on the couch binge watching Netflix.  I want a quick kiss in the kitchen as he hurries out the door for his flight.  The rush of butterflies as he tucks our son into bed on a cold winter night.  The way our fingers intertwine while we are wandering around Trader Joe’s.  I want the random text saying “I love you today” sent from across the country.  

Okay okay…. sure I love a nice gift; jewelry and handbags (I am a fashion blogger after all).  And believe me, when he plans a nice dinner out and surprises me I am reminded of how special our love is.  Fresh flowers are my favorite- the smell, the color, the arrangements.  An adult night out can be the breath of fresh air needed when parenting becomes overwhelming.   And of course there are special days worth celebrating (and maybe for some that day is Valentine’s Day) and when we do celebrate there is so much love and happiness that I want to do it every night.  But then it wouldn’t be special. 

With another Valentine’s Day on the horizon I am reminded that it will be the details of our everyday that I will carry throughout my life.  And as much as love deserves a special day… there is something extraordinary in the small moments that fill my heart with big love.  




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