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Can the Pill Cause Cancer? | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Can I get breast cancer from the pill?

Can oral contraceptive pills influence the risk of breast cancer? This a difficult question to answer. In medicine, we tend to look at risks and benefits, because all medications, even acetaminophen or vitamins, have side effects and risks. Most oral contraceptives contain synthetic versions of estrogen and progesterone, the main “female” hormones. Taking a birth control […]

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Taking Back Control:: Mommy Doesn’t Pee Her Pants Anymore

Date night, at last! There I was, sitting across the table from my handsome husband, nice glass of wine in hand, full evening of kid-free adult conversation ahead of us. We had no baby, no three year old, no nursing, no burping, no spit up, no boogers, and no body functions. And then . . […]

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Midwife exanimating belly of pregnant woman with CTG scanning in practice

Should you consider a midwife instead of OB/GYN?

We are so thankful that our partner, Adrienne Ruhf, CNM, took the time to share this important information about the differences between a midwife and OB/GYN. Many women hear the word “midwife” and think immediately of childbirth. But did you know that Certified Nurse Midwives are trained to care for women across their lifespan?  A […]

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Younger Women Can Benefit From Vaginal Therapy

We are so thankful that our partner, Kimberly K. Larson-Ohlsen, MD, took the time to share this important information about how younger women can benefit from vaginal therapy. What does it mean when the most tender of our body parts falls flat? The thinning, drying and inflammation of vaginal walls, called vaginal atrophy, that usually […]

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Denver Metro Moms Blog introduces the Girlfriends Guide to the Vagina

Introducing the “Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina”

We are so thankful for our sponsors at Beauty By Buford for providing us the opportunity to introduce the “Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina”! Let’s face it, mamas . . . once you enter motherhood, nothing is quite as “sacred” as it once was. Gone are the days of modesty, mystery, and for many of […]

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Stethoscope Heart Shape

A Test That Can’t Wait . . .

We are so thankful that our partner, Dr. Sundeep Viswanathan at Aurora Denver Cardiology Associates shared this very important information on with us!  Heart disease continues to be the number one killer among both women and men in the U.S., but many women brush off atypical heart attack symptoms like epigastric pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and extreme […]

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Which Birth Control Is Right For You? | Denver Metro Moms Blog

What Birth Control Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right birth control can sometimes be overwhelming and frustrating. With so many options and perceived notions, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. While there are many types, the one I suggest to all patients is condemns. While these are not a full proof method, they are a […]

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Pathways to a Happy Period | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Pathways to a Happy Period: Treating PMS and PMDD

From fatigue to depression, headaches, cramping and bloating, nearly every woman experiences discomfort of some kind before, during and after her menstrual cycle. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphonic Disorder (PMDD) are intense and unfortunate exaggerated responses of menses, but there are numerous approaches to treating the symptoms. By identifying what your body is going […]

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